Monday, May 31, 2010

Kyla's Time to Shine!

It was one proud moment no doubt, among countless of memories past and memories to be made.

Kyla was indeed every inch a star in her 1st Recital Concert last May 29, 2010 at the Southpick Resort Main Hall. This is their culminating activity from her Center for Pop Music Philippines voice and stage performance summer workshop.

For her solo performance, Kyla sang Demi Lovato’s “This is Me” (from the soundtrack of Camp Rock). I’m so happy to see Kyla taking center stage full of confidence and total love for singing. She also projected very well the choreography that she worked out with her vocal coach Ara.

She also had a production number with friends (“Umbrella” by Rihanna) and several other group production number with the recitalists.

Kyla loved singing and I thought that a workshop in CPMP will at least her help develop whatever talent she may have in singing. This is not her first time to sing on stage. During the U.N. Day Talent Night, she also sang Miley Cyrus’ The Climb.

It is definitely one summer that we will always remember! And we are proud of Kyla for being confident and bringing to life a great song!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Kikay Kit Series 1

I read somewhere in Preview magazine that women are generally either a bag or a shoe fiend. And that the other category is either you are a make-up or fashion junkie.
I must say I am a make-up and a bag person. I like clothes too but of course I only get to dress up on weekends usually in a weekend-fashionista-mom kind of way. As for shoes, my criteria will be comfort first and so Naturalizer is the hands-down winner despite the style low-down. My love for bags started when my mom ventured on buy and sell of synthetic ladies bag and I get to snag a few samples for myself back in HS.

But when it comes to make-up, we can talk about it all day, shop all day and I will not get tired! I will even offer my services to find the right make up for you!
Here are a few samplers of my favorite stuff and why I adore them:
Whenever I pass by The Body Shop, I had to mentally warn myself to stay away, else I subconsciously gravitate towards the store! TBS carries an amazingly wide array of innovative cosmetics but what really got me in is that they are so easy to apply. Some may say it’s pricey but their make-ups can multi-task which makes it really worth your cash!

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain is one of their best sellers! It doubles as a lip color and blush. I miss their cream blush though. Wayback in 2001 I bought this little pot of cream blush and all you had to do is apply them on your cheeks using your fingers and it would give you a natural-blushing cheeks look! Maybelline came up with a similar blush pot.

The best blush I always come back to is the L’Oreal Blush Delice (in Marhsmallow). It gives you an almost natural glow without looking like a clown! I use the famous Nars Orgasm for special occasions. The Face Shop Blushes are cool for daily wear. Lately I bought the Body Shop Shimmer Waves. Again, it doubles as a blush and eye color.

I don’t always bother to put on eye color but lip color will be a perpetual must have! I can never have enough lip sticks and end up giving them away . Estee Lauder is my IT brand for lipstick. You can also try colored lip glosses which are the rave these days! Lancome Juicy Tubes and Mac Lipglass are the award-winning lip glosses (I have tried both) but if you find them scandalously pricey, you can also find cool ones at Bloom, Maybelline and The Face Shop’s Jelly Tint and Lip Glosses.

Another must have is the eyeliner and mascara. They help frame the face and open up/brighten up your eyes! I bought my Estee Lauder eyeliner in Changi Airport in 2007 (I was with Gay who was at awe when I started getting technical and preachy over lipsticks) and I’m glad to say it’s still alive!
Maybelline is my loyal friend when it comes to mascara. I am using the Volume Express mascara these days and even when I’m too lazy to put on eye color, a dash of mascara works wonder for your peepers!

And ah… lastly, the eye color.
Due to the economic situation, I prefer to keep a daily eye make-up (The Body Shop, the multi-tasking ones above) and keep the posh ones (Nars, Estee Lauder) for occasions that require THE made-up look. I suggest buying in palettes so you have plenty of choices and only buy in single color pot if you are sure to use them almost always. I have a Lancome eye makeup palette which has cool daily wear colors. Colored eye pencils also make great substitutes for eye shadows.

I don’t always use liquid foundations and saved it for occasions. I keep a face powder for touch-ups. Clinique is by far the best but given its price, I settled for a more cost effective brand. VMV is also a dark horse when it comes to hypo-allergenic face powders and I used it in my younger days.
It may amuse you that through the years, I have tried several brands (most I did not mention anymore, space is precious) for various make-up needs. There are a lot of emerging budget friendly brands these days too! But so far, after scouring stores and magazines but those above are my tried and tested allies!

Coming Soon: The 5 Minute Make Up

Friday, May 21, 2010

Going Green!

I'm glad to be part of the Tree Planting activity last April. This was the part of the company's Greenovation program. It was my first time to join a tree planting. For our assigned area, the Plant lead team planted 12 trees. A total of 75 trees around the plant grounds were added that day representing 75 years of the company's presence in the country.

Kyla specifically loved trees and plants and was ecstatic seeing our pictures. I am sure she will love to join the next company tree planting event in Caliraya which is my husband's hometown.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Venus de La Joya

We were at our usual nightfall hang out which was the by Lanai for some cool summer breeze. A stark contrast from the very warm air circulating inside the house. Kyla and I were caught by a unique celestial vision just above the roof of our neighbor's house located directly in front of our home. I called Kyla to point out that the moon looked like a smiley with a wink. The quarter moon formed a smiley and directly above it, slightly to its left was a star-like figure. Since it was a lone body, they looked a lot like a wink and a smile!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

BFF Night Out

The sequel came a tad too late, but what the heck?

The much awaited women's night out for Zarah's farewell salvo finally came to fruition. Getting a common schedule for everyone was a challenge. I for one had a full friday, running from one meeting to another and by 3:30pm, I felt nearly out of breath already. I decided to change into my gimik outfit so that I wont be scrambling in the nick of time by 4 pm.

I guess the ladies were indeed excitedly looking forward to this day because we all saw each other at the ladies locker room preening and prepping up. As expected, when I had to come back to the office for last minute stuff, I had to endure their quips over my outfit -- a 70s psychedelic print revival which I found cool and artsy. Too aquarian, I'd say with perverse pride!

By 4 pm sharp- all four of us -- Ninnie, Bevs, Maty and moi -- all present at the front seats of the shuttle bus headed for Makati. I braced myself for an oven-baked afternoon (was told the shuttle was quite warm despite AC) that thankfully was unfounded and after a few chit-chats with my seat mate Ninnie, we decided to doze off in case traffic is slow.

Jas and Zarah were already waiting at the GO and by 530pm, we were cozily settled at Cafe Juanita along Burgos Circle at The Fort. Good thing Zarah was able to get reservations because by 7pm or so, their patrons started pouring in. We got an Al Fresco dining set-up but I was able to sneak a peak of its interior. Though Cafe Juanita boasts primarily of Philippine-Fusion cuisine, the ambience and interiors are a heady mix of Asian themes. A huge Buddha adorns the mezzanine, candy colored drapings and lamps dominate the ceiling and the table cloth fabric have sequin ornaments. The menu also had familiar Asian-fusion dishes.

For appetizers, we ordered Vietnamese Spring Rolls which we chomped heartily (having skipped afternoon break, we are mighty hungry by then). For the main course, we had Sinanglay (Maya-Maya wrapped in gabi leaves and laced with coconut milk), Adobo Spare Ribs with pork flakes, Pad Thai Noodles and a bowl of garlic rice. Bevs and Ninnie being soup people ordered Tom Yum Gung. I also got a share of the soup and it was good but was not spicy enough for me. Bent of getting tipsy (though as usual, it doesn't really work on me), Zarah, Jas and I ordered red wine for full measure.

After that, it was gabfest galore! We even had to categorize the topics lest we get astray. You can imagine six women together and the night being young. Do understand that the topics were under CDA so I will not elaborate at this point.

Bevs was the revelation for the evening! We were so used to her manang-garb so her sleeveless, low back number was a welcome surprise and I must say it becomes her! Cheers to that! Our main celeb Zarah (who also generously picked the dinner tab, thanks, thanks!) also looked very lovely in her LBD number.So very GO-ish I must say. After long years of monotonous polo shirt and beige slacks, it must be a "fashion freedom" feeling for my friend!

By 8pm, we tried to extend our welcome by ordering desserts. The majority went for Crepe Samurai (which does not appear to be in crepes), Zarah had Sansrival while adventurous me decided to try the Sticky Toffee Pudding. I read about this dessert in one of the paperbacks. The heroine of the story was serving this at one of the dinners for the homestead.

For the night cap, we headed to the nearby UCC cafe for caffeine kick and more chats. At one point, we revived the discussion on the common factor among successful females at our workplace. Guess what? Or I should say guess who? Why, it is our ever-loving, ever-patient better half! While most men would be having their friday night out over beer and what have you, guess who's at home while the mommas are having fun? :-)

And yes, you bet this won't be the last!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making It Count!

Today is THE day.

We had to travel 65 km from Sta. Rosa, car-full of kiddos and my sister, bag-full of weekend stuff -- to be able to cast that vote from our hometown in Binangonan, Rizal where we registed n-years ago. My better half, had to travel another 80 kms. from Rizal to his own hometown in Cavinti, Laguna.

We worked out an efficient arrangement. My dad will brave the opening salvo and vote by 7am, be back to take care of the kiddos (Kevin, Kyla and Justin) so that Mom, Jeni and I can vote. Neat! Of course, Dada has a more brilliant plan and brought them to Jollibee.

And so we were at our precint by 8am. Took us 2 hours to queue because the people came pouring in very early (excited...) but everyone was cool since the people patiently waited in line and the election volunteers are vigilant to keep everything organized.

As I casted a vote, I gave a silent prayer hoping that my vote will make a difference for a better future for our children!

And finally, its time to meet the PCOS machine. Such was my glee when I saw "Congratulations" flash on its mini screen.

And it begins.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love Ko 'To (I Love It!)

Kevin and Kyla has just completed their week-long Kiddie Crew Summer Workshop at Mc Donald's WM Sta. Rosa. Kyla kept gushing about how she loved this experience! At 2 hours a day, Kevin and Kyla experienced working behind the counter (greeting customers, Kevin will of course wave at them), attending to drinks (Kevin puts ice, Kyla finishes it off), bussing tables and handing out surveys! Having been used to helping out at light chores at home, it wasn't such a big deal for K&K. And of course, the much awaited snacks at the end of their 2-hr work is the highlight of their day!

Thanks to Ms. Aubrey and Ms. Kath of Mc Donald's WM Sta. Rosa and to Kindertech teachers who dropped by to visit the kids!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Avrio - Zarah and James Farewell Party

If I translate the greek fonts, it would read as Avrio (Goodbye).

It’s the season of farewells. But as they say, life goes on. And that’s how 11 of us were shacked up in the cozy corner of CYMA to celebrate work-life’s cherished moments with two of friends in the CLT.

Thanks to Nilo, I was introduced to Cyma which reminds me of Greek Tavern from the defunct Streetlife in Glorietta. I had a chance to mull Cyma closely while waiting for the guests of honor to arrive. The ambience was cozy and quiet save for us boisterously exchanging stories. True to Grecian architecture, interiors were pristine white with navy blue wooden chairs as highlights. I loved the dramatic blue dome-shaped ceiling with black chandeliers. Food choices were staggeringly abundant with authentic Greek cuisine and some fusion dishes. Interestingly, wine bottles served as the table centerpieces. I thought the staff doubted if we can pay for it because I noticed he took the wine off the table after we’ve been sitting there for the past 30 minutes without ordering anything. Hmmm. Thank goodness by six o’clock, the CLT was in full force.

The appetizers Roka Salata and Pita Bread slices with cottage cheese dip and some humus (I think) was heavenly! Jas even ordered take home salad for her hubby. We kept mumbling that we were full already after platefuls of the salad and bread. But Mj and I had our eyes on the Lamb Souvlaki with yoghurt dressing (authentic Greek savoire). Surprisingly, more entrée poured one after the other! The night went on with snippets of funny stories here and there until alas it’s time to do twenty questions for Zarah and James. Out of confidentiality clause I promised not to publish the (controversial? interesting?) excerpts from the Q&A ranging from the most unforgettable personalities, the toughest/crying moments, top 3 crush-able men (for Zarah), best boss, horrible boss (of which to both they did not answer… playing safe!), kilig moments, I-wanna-pull-my-hair-moments, etc etc. I can tell you though the people Zarah will miss most in Cabuyao are #1 the Liquids Women Dream Team (Jas, Bevs, herself and yours truly… need we say more?) and #2 Ninnie for her Admin/DC days.

But the highlight of the evening was the token lovingly prepared by Mama Joyce – Zarah and James each got a wonderful scrapbook of Cabuyao memories with pictures through the years and messages from CLT friends. I knew everyone was silently wishing they’d get a scrapbook too when it’s their turn for farewell bash!
For Zarah, personally, I will miss: our chicahan over coffee on kikay stuff, our Liquids bonding and women night out, our very efficient but dramatic and emotionally charged reviews with “those who must not be named” (Zarah was the diplomat, I was the “Taray-Queen”, Jas is our rescuer when finally we got into trouble for not bending in to the ridiculous SOS date), having exchanged the same Christmas gift with each other twice!, bonding at PS Band 3 college and our shopping expeditions. The memories of the past six years are too many to mention.

And of course, James has been officially immortalized in Fat Tuesday!
As they say, there are really no goodbyes after all… just, see you around!