Saturday, March 11, 2017

Meeting Miss Daphne

I recently attended a corporate event in line with celebrating the International Women's Day.  I am thankful to be a part of the global company that champions diversity and inclusion, and within this umbrella - the commitment to develop women leaders to be able to perform at their peak.

Every year, the P&G Philippines' Women Network team organize a symposium for women managers from its three sites.  The 2017 event theme was #NoLimits and had external and internal speakers share their story about taking risks, chasing one's passion outside of work and being their best.

I must say, THE highlight of my day was the opportunity to meet one of the women I admire up close and personal.  I was a newly-wed and newly-pregnant young wife and mom when I started following Daphne Osena in her 15-minutes or so segment called "Video Postcards," then followed by F and much later, Guide to Urban Living and Proudly Filipina.  I am also a follower of her earlier blog called "Live Journal" until the blog evolved to her self-titled blog "Daphne."

Upon finding myself a follower of her live journal, the inspiration took over that led me to creating this blog as well and ultimately, finding that voice.  You will find a link to her blog in this humble cyber-corner of mine.

Up close and personal with the inspiration behind how I started my own blog
and found my voice.

Daphne spoke about how she evolved and reinvented herself through the years,
finding her passion and living life in her own terms. 

Fan girl moment.
Daphne embodies chic and classiness.
How she maintain her lean form is too die for!

My own Chic book signed by Daphne

I came ready to be inspired.
Indeed, I truly was! 

The PH women's symposium gave me new ideas which I will endeavor to write about in this blog in the coming days. Maybe months.

I came to the event ready to be inspired by the universe and it did not disappoint!  Last quarter, I made a very important decision and I feel good about it after having sought Divine Wisdom to guide my actions.  There is a sense of liberty in being able to move on, move forward and embrace what life has to offer next.  I apologize if this sounded vague for now.  One day, I'll get to write about it too in this blog.