Friday, January 3, 2014

Cheers for Five Years of Metamorphosis

Five years is quite a milestone for Metamorphosis*.

In my January 2013 article, I recalled “(The blog) started as an extension of my childhood diary days and the habit of putting thoughts into writing.  When I ventured into my first article in my blog site, all I wanted is to have an online repository for my essays and musings.  Metamorphosis was the title of my column in the UST Thomasian Engineer Journal. I decided to stick with this because of its symbolism.”

For someone who grew up to be painfully shy, writing is a great medium to express one’s thoughts and individuality. It is humbling how a simple blog whose roots came from solitary childhood ramblings grew to become a means to share life’s serendipities and somehow touch lives, albeit one person at a time, one article at a time.

Thank you dear friends and readers for allowing me to share a part of that voice with you!

*My column Metamorphosis got its name from the transformation of a lowly caterpillar to a bright and beautiful butterfly, after hibernating in the darkness of the cocoon. One can have a greater appreciation of light and beauty after getting enveloped into darkness and solitude.