Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's Cooking Up at Cookyn Inc.?

It's the first ever teambuilding event for the AAIJK PS Team!

Arranged by the PS team's self-appointed Chief Entertainment Officer Bharath and with Kanitha's help, the  teambuilding a la Food Network Challenge was set in the kitchen studio of Cookyn Inc. tucked somewhere along the Rangoon Road.

The Wacky Wannabe Chefs

Thanks to Cookyn Inc for the hosting and facilitating the cookfest
and for the pictures for this teambuilding event

We were divided into three teams and each representing a unique cuisine. Takagi-san and team got the Japanese theme. The Spanish cuisine was led by Pepe (of course).  We thought those were pretty convenient set-up.  And last but not the least, my team got the Vietnamese cuisine, not to mention we had to battle it out with only 5 members for the greater part of the competition. We should have named our team Voltes V.

Ready, Get Set, Cook!

Each team will prepare two dishes, the quantity should be able to cover the PS team attendees. The gastronomic value of the dishes will determine whether or not we will have an enjoyable group dinner later after the cookfest!

One of the two dishes is unique to the group's theme and will have to incorporate a special ingredient that was revealed in the middle of the competition.  The "challenge" dish will be common for all three teams (Potato Salad) and will also need to incorporate the second special ingredient. This must be presented in a way that epitomizes the cuisine being represented by each team.

We had one hour and fifty minutes to complete the task, including preparation, plating, poster making and clean-up.  Each team will then have to plate up their masterpieces and and a chosen speaker will have to present this to the entire group with posters/visual aids to boot! Needless to say, our artwork planners were indeed very busy in the dying minutes of the competition!

See the different teams in action!

Getting ready for some serious cooking!

The seaweed as the Japanese team's secret ingredient
Whip it!

Chef Pepe calling the shots!
Andre and Regina in charge of the challenge dish
All done and ready for the presentation

Wrap away !!!
Multi-tasking at its best.
"Hey, start thinking of the poster design while you are peeling the mango and potatoes, ok?"

Can't wait to try 'em!

A closer look at the final products... all world class creations!

Turning Japanese
Strawberry and Green Tea Trifle and their version of Potato Salad ala Sushi Roll
...and I need to get the recipe for this!!!! Yummy!
Spanish "El Torero" Team's Chicken in a Parcel and Chunky Potato Salad

A closer look with a dash of the Pimiento powder

The Dai Doi (Great Food) Team's Vietnamese Spring Rolls and
Creamy Potato Salad with Caramelized Lychee, Red Pepper and Onion topping
Top View. This plating also showcases the mango, the special topping and a dollop of the peanut sauce.

And the Winner is... The Vietnamese Team!!!
Creative presentation, clock-work precision and teamwork won the day!

Once in a lifetime chance to win an I-PADdle!

And the final verdict is in the tasting!

Cheers to the PS team!!!

And, it's the moment of truth... Time to taste the dishes!

Seriously Now!

You can say that it has been truly a tough competition, with each team, true to the indomitable PS Spirit, gave their best and also had fun in the process! Campai to the PS Team for a job well done! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Til We Meet Again Kimby

In memory of our dear family member and lovable beagle Kimby.
November 11, 2008 - September 11, 2012

Today is a sad day for our family. We lost our dear Kimby. She died very early this morning in Rizal after succumbing to complications from giving birth. This was supposed to be her second brood of pups.

My parents buried her near the nipa hut at our backyard which she considers to be her "doggie house."  Aside from missing her and looking forward to seeing her in our annual home visit a few months from now, we were filled with so much sadness because we were not able to be at her side during a very difficult time when she was fighting for her life. And that we had no choice but to grieve and remember her from milesaway.

This blog is specially dedicated to the lovable beagle who made our lives wonderful. You will always be in our memories Kimby!

New Pup Kimby became a member of our family on December 26, 2008
as our present for Kyla and Kevin

First major grooming spree!

Kimby at 5 months. In her brand new bigger doghouse.

Kimby being silly.... she doesnt like her new house!

During daytime, Kimby hangs out at the Lanai where it is cool and shady too!

Kuya Kevin taking Kimby for an afternoon stroll around the village

Kimby's First Birthday. We had cake and roasted chicken for Kimby!
New Year's Eve 2009. Kimby amazed at the sparklers.
Kimby started to like hanging out at the swing
Kimby in SG
Our last picture with Kimby- Jan 1st, 2012 before going back to SG.
Kimby's favorite nipa hut in Rizal where she enjoyed freedom.
Beside this hut is her final resting place.

Thank you Chase Martini for the comforting words....

Dear Ms. Armie,

Please tell Kevin and Kyla that pets who have gone on do not forget the kindness and love of their masters.

My bark network says that pets who leave this earth ahead wait for their masters by the big, big meadow at the foot of the Rainbow Bridge. There, they are not sick nor hurt and play happily with other pets until their master arrives. Reunited, the master and all his pets cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

My sincerest condolences.


We shall see you someday Kimby at the Rainbow Bridge.