Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coming Home

Endings are also beginnings. You just don’t know it at that time.

So I did quote. Quite a number of times actually. One of them being, in 2010 when we moved to Singapore.

And so these same words came fleeting in my mind, as we were weaving through traffic in that very hot and humid evening of our home coming to Manila. 2 ½ years is not exactly an eon ago. So there was nothing really melodramatic about that “coming home day.” And yet, I was filled with feelings of anticipation.

After all, it is home.

Our first destination that week was to visit our residential home. While still weeks away from being able to move in, we had to visit the house often enough to get it clean and ready to receive our furnitures and stuff.

As always, seeing our home moves me. This home was after all, built at a very memorable year of our lives.

People asked me in my fist few weeks, what it feels like to be back?

Quite honestly, it never felt like we have been away for 2.5 years. Uncannily, it felt like the day we came back was just a continuity of that day I first left, although looking around me, things did quite change.

I snapped this picture of sunrise of my first official day back to work. It had to be significant because work, after all, was the primary reason for these transitions in our lives.

And while I am back still the same person that I once was deep down, I also knew that there were a few changes that happened to me and philosophically, I believed it has all but prepared me for this new chapter of my life. I had a renewed sense of purpose, for once.

I looked at the sunrise and said to myself, “A new day has just began”.