Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guardian Angel

We were comtemplating on where to send Kyla next school year for her primary school. The best thing that Kyla told me lately was she hugged me and said "Mommy, it's ok for me to stay sa small school kasi para may kasama si Kuya Boy (as she fondly calls her older brother) and aalagaan ko siya..." I was tearful (though trying to fight it back) after that. I realized that my 6-year old girl, young as she is, already embraced her role as "ate" "guardian angel" for Kevin. I feel so blessed and thankful for her.

Night Owls

Kyla was already fast asleep while Kevin and I were awake as a night owl... and so we thought of clicking the night away and get a few profile pics for my handsome little boy. Kevin just loves the camera. As soon as he saw me aiming for a "supposed-to-be-stolen-shot" he would then grin widely, pose and wait for the flash (his signal). We couldnt get the stolen shot look because the flash of the camera would overwhelm him and he would instinctively close his eyes. And so the pictures look chinky eyed... And so I have to be patient to get the right nuance and the right shots!