Saturday, July 28, 2012

Run for Your Life

Everyone who knew me well know (by now) that writing/blogging/digital photobook are one of my passions. A totally non-atlethic activity for a klutz like me. It figures.

The most physical/active recreation I've done so far was the playing tennis and ping pong via Nintendo Wii; and my daughter would always beat me anyway.  And then there was Yoga when I was in the Plant. I got the hang of it and enjoyed being able to sweat it out but was cut-short when we moved.  Yoga clinics are popular in SG but you probably guessed it, excuses get in the way.

I discovered a new found wellness passion lately, totally unexpected if I may say so.
I have just joined the bandwagon for the runner's circle!

Looking at my race bib and realizing that I'm up to something serious.

Finishing my first 10K run!

There was a runner's circle at the Plant and they expanded rapidly and attracted wannabe-marathoners/runners. I'd hear them raving about their latest running events, the training they have to undergo before signing up for the real thing, the diet they had to adhere to (at least, for the serious runners).  Anyone who can run 42km for 4 hours or less (5 to 7 hours for the average folk, I suppose) is nothing short of amazing!  I never even imagined myself doing it.

So who would have thought I'd be caught (belatedly) by the running bug?

It all started with the P&G Dare to Dream Fun Run. It was a 5km event for all SG employees and family members were allowed to participate as well. So we all signed up just for fun and to help Beyond Borders' charity work for building a pre-school in Vietnam.  I never ran 5km before and ended up with aching limbs after that.  Kyla ran with my friend Leklek and they finished well ahead of us.

And then, Leklek suggested we sign up for the Shape Magazine's Shape Run 2012 10km event.  She assured us that we can walk the rest of the way in case we ran out of running fuel. This was, mind you, before we learned that there was a 5km and a 2.4km fun run.  There was no turning back because we already signed up for 10km.

Something portentious must have happened to me two weeks before the run.

Something that drove me to run 3-4 days in a week at the treadmill. In my fourth day I decided to run straight 5km. I added strengthening work out sessions as well- which I read from the special edition runners' guide from Shape magazine.    I think it was when I saw the 10km route when it finally dawned on me that I am up to something really serious.  That, plus the programme said that if you haven't crossed Republic Highway by 840AM, the runners will be re-routed and you might not receive the finisher's medal.  I sort of panicked that I may not make it.  Fear is a good motivator if you can turn it to courage and persistence.

I finished the Shape Run and my first ever 10 KM at 85 minutes (official time).  I thought that wasn't too bad for my first attempt considering I was only clocking 10mins/km during my training.  And yep, finished it before 840AM.  It also validated that while practically anyone can run, undergoing training before the run will make you significantly less sore-limbed after the event. My yoga breathing exercise also helped a lot especially towards the middle of the run.

And it all began from there. SG is a runners' heaven-- there is a dedicated website and group that manages running events in the country. I signed up for at least three more events for the next few months! My husband and I will be running together in the 100 Plus Passion Run and the whole family will be joining the POSB Family run. I now run regularly at the gym as well.

I won't likely show up in the 21km and 42km events anytime soon but I will definitely have a great time and a get natural high from running for as long as I can!

The prestigous Shape Run 2012 is an all-women's run event

The dawn of the run day

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Annie and an Afternoon Tea with My Girlie

I call it full circle.

I was in 3rd grade when I first watch the movie version of Annie. The entire grade 3 class from our school watched Annie as part of the school activity at the Ali Mall Cinema in Cubao which is very near our school.

And now, it is my 3rd grader's turn to watch Annie The Musical at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater.  Who can forget red-haired Annie and her lovable dog Sandy? Until this very day I can still sing the full lyrics of the song "Tomorrow."  I now have a little girl who sings it every so often...

We have chosen not to watch a lot of movies anymore these days but if there is a good play, I certainly wouldn't want to miss it for my little girl.

With the newly-opened Circle Line, going to MBS via MRT is now easier (and cheaper). Kyla insisted wearing a red dress, just like Annie's. And insisted we buy the souvenir programme. The major actors and actresses were mostly British stage actors. However, for the Singapore production, 304 girls from Singapore auditioned for the orphan roles and 27 were finally chosen. There were 2 dogs alternately playing Sandy. In this run, Sandy was a Golden Retriever. Picture taking was not allowed once the show starts though.

Annie fever goes on. Trying on a redhead wig at the souvenir shop.
 After the play, Kyla and I went to have an afternoon tea at the TWG. We've always wanted to do so but the queue was always too long. We were quite lucky this time. Except that of course she can't have tea (but a fruit shake instead).  The tea selection is like a list of hundreds so I decided to go with a simple caramel tea. This is served in sealed stainless pot that keeps it nice and warm.

Afternoon tea is not complete without finger foods (biscuits, the English type) or pastries like muffins, scones or the French macarons. Our muffins were served with apricot jam and cream (which Kyla monopolized). These are placed in dainty pastry trays. We had a leisurely time savoring our afternoon snack and enjoying mom-daughter bonding moments.