Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to SSC-W

Now its offcial. Kyla will be joining St. Scholastica's College-Westgrove this coming school year. Her new second home for the next 10 years of her school life until she finishes high school, I hope. Coming from an exclusive school myself, SSC-W reminds me of my own alma mater Stella Maris College. Alvin and I both feel at home in SSC-W. Kyla was interviewed by the GS principal Sr. Daniela. When asked about her talents, Kyla said she can sing and dance. And she even sang a song "We will get there". Kyla has a Superior EQ according to her test results. Kyla mentioned her girl friends in preschool (even told Sister their names) but when Sister asked if Kyla will miss her friends, Kyla replied "I will miss my Kuya." It brought tears to my eyes when Sister shared it to us. We shared to Sister about Kevin and the great things he and Kyla shared. I was happy when Sister told us to bring Kevin to their school during family affairs.

Although Kevin and Kyla will now attend separate schools, I know in my heart that Kyla will always be there for Kuya Kevin and she will never forget that he is part of her happiness.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Letter for Kevin (Published in PhilStar)

For our beloved Kevin,

We love you.

There were so many things we wanted to tell you, as we watch you fast asleep at night, listen to the sound of your breathing and wish that you the sweetest of dreams. A few minutes ago we said your good night prayer—a simple sign of the cross. A ritual that meant so much for me since the first time I watched you silently pause and offered your sign of the cross to Jesus on your own as your gesture of prayer. Watching you pray ends my otherwise stressful day with a feeling of peace.

There were so many things we wanted to tell you—although our conversations are rather a meeting of hearts and not of the minds. We longed to tell you of our simple dream, that you will someday let us into your world, into your mind. We wished to know why do you like the feel of grass blades? Or why do you like the smell of your old pillows? Are you hurt? Are you sad? What made you very happy today? I wish we knew but we can only guess my dear boy… and hope that our hearts will hear your voice.

We longed to tell you that you have been our source of joy and inspiration during the many trying times that had marked our lives. You made us realize what matters most in life is the joy of living each day to the fullest with the people close to your heart. The simple joy from mere togetherness. You have made mommy and daddy better persons through the humble life you live. There was just too much to say little boy, and we fervently pray that we will someday hear your voice.

You are God’s Special Child, dear Kevin. You are His gift to mom and dad, to sister Kyla, and to all the people whose lives you have touched – through the music of your laughter, your heartfelt hugs, your soulful gaze when you turn to look at me when I’m sad, as if to say “don’t worry, Kevin is here!”.

We will be here for you son. Together we shall face this life that God has given you. We will dream dreams, of His paradise, knowing in my heart that someday you will be in His paradise, where you will enjoy what the earthly life has taken away from you. We will dream these dreams, for as long as it takes. For whatever it takes.

As an old song goes…
“You and I will travel far together.
We’ll pursue our little star together.
We’ll be happy as we are together…
You and I are going on together
Until the time we have is gone forever.”

There were so many things we wanted to tell you. You may not be able to read this, little one. But someday, know in your heart that you were loved by everyone who knew you.

There were so many things we wanted to tell you. But in the end, only three words matter. Because we know, that in your heart, it is enough. It is everything.

We love you.

Daddy and Mommy

postscript: This letter also won 1st place in the Phil Star Parenting Monthly Letter Writing Contest. Kevin is an inspiration for many great things in my life!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet Kimby-gle

Meet Kimby the beagle -- the 5th member of the family. She has been with us for over a year now. Kimby was little over one month old when we acquired her and named her Kimby. "K" to be consistent with Kevin and Kyla. Kimby was also the name of my first dog who looked pretty much like her. Kyla and Kevin just loved jogging and strolling early morning with Kimby. She turned 1 last November and we had a little family party complete with cake, chicken and balloons. For her birthday gift, we bought her new balls and munchies. Kimby has a friend beagle in the village named Snoopy. She also learned quite a few tricks and loved chasing the frisbee and bringing it back to get her prize treats!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I was hanging out at the DLSU-Canlubang school cafeteria while writing this blog entry last week, drenched in the aroma of french fries, pizza and stiir-fry noodles while waiting for Kyla to complete her admission test for grade one. I almost finished reading the new book I brought with me (Twisted 8 ½) and suppressing the craving for fries. For my own good, I decided to stay away from food until noon. At 10 am, the shrill bell sounded off and I thought this must be break time for the grade schoolers.

True enough the kids poured in and I watch them in amazement. It reminded me of my school days in Stella Maris College. There were kids toting their lunch bags and curiously I conspicuously tried to snoop what kids are into these days for ‘baon’. I noticed that although it was mid morning break, some kids had rice and chicken. Amazingly, the cafeteria has plenty of gastronomic choices to offer too. I wondered how much allowance would be decent for a grade school kids nowadays?

This is quite new to me as Kevin's sojourn into school world was a different experience altogether. Until recently Kyla went to a preschool near our village. The school was great and they even took Kevin for SPED. I thought the curriculum today was way too advanced but then it was thirty years ago when I went to preschool ... Our dilemma came when it was time for Kyla to enter first grade. I thought she needed to experience going into a big campus, just like how it was for me, which is pretty much the real world.

And so as I sat in the cafeteria and waiting while she took her entrace exams, I couldn’t help but think that my little baby is no longer a baby and her life in the real world is about to begin. Until then, she will always be a baby to me.