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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Venus Run 2013: Celebrating the International Women's Month

March is the international women's month.

I did not know this but apparently March 8 was the women's day. Well, lucky for me I have a spouse who makes each day as my day (wink, wink...), so I don't really give a hoot as to when exactly is the women's day.

Having said that, there are quite a number of festivities in Singapore to commemorate the international women's month.  One of those is the Venus Run 2013 which is organized by the Singapore Athletic Association. "The organizers of Venus Run believe that women can stay strong, healthy, and beautiful through running. Venus Run strongly promotes healthy living through active participation in sports so as to enable women to achieve healthy balanced lifestyles amidst multiple and demanding responsibilities to fulfill at work and at home."

I love the fuchsia runner's singlet for this year's Venus Run co-sponsored by Moving Comfort.

The roles we weave through life.
I am glad that I am able to add Runner as one of them.
And of course, the eternal Blogger-Writer.

With friends and fellow runners Leklek and Ems.
I will soon be missing these events with them.

This year's 5KM competitive run was held at the Marina Barrage, giving the runners a scenic backdrop of the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Flyer. Quite a sight to behold on a cool, Sunday morning! I stopped at the 3KM marker to appreciate the view (and yep, had to snap a few shots via my phone that was tucked into my belted pouch...).

Truth to tell, I was still reeling from a recent bout with illness and I was having last minute hesitation, doubting my fitness to be able to finish (what should have been) an easy-breezy fun run. I am glad I had enough will to haul myself out of bed and move those legs.

The Singapore Skyline sight greets you at the 3 KM marker

Whatever is your clandestine role in this life, I wish you a Happy Women's Month!!!

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  1. Congrats on completing the Venus Run! Hope you had fun cos I sure did myself! #MyFirst5K

    *just another #RunningSAHMSG*