Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fridays at PS Cafe

What is a better way to unwind at the end of a busy week than to spend it with good company, good food and a soothing cup/s of my favorite hot tea? And perhaps a decadent dessert once in a while. In a quiet, cozy place for nice and easy conversations. PS Cafe is just perfect or me.

PS stands for Project Shop. I have been to its branch in Paragon Mall quite a number of occassions with my hubby mostly. The one in Paragon Level 3 has a split dining location. A smaller area is located right beside the escalator and overlooking the main atrium. Great for cake and tea chit chat sessions for ladies. Across it is the main dining area with an adjacent shop of bags and shoes (also part of the PS Cafe). If you are on a date or with friends, the soft lighting makes for a lovely ambience.

What I really love about PS Cafe is the food which is what I would call a "green menu" -- a contemporary fusion of yummy comfort food we love with a twist of greens and other veggies in a presentation that is mouth watering and visually delectable!

When we first tried dining at PS Cafe, I decided to have Chicken Tau Kwa (tofu). It's a pan fried tofu with shredded chicken, greens with homemade sesame szechuan peppercorn dressing. Obviously got me coming back at PS Cafe.

Another pasta creation is the Veggie Greens. It's your good old spaghetti tossed with well, lotsa greens - artichoke, asparagus, french beans, broad beans and capers with olive oil dressing and topped with parmesan.  Hubby tried this.

One of PS Cafe's sandwhich variety is the Roasted Chicken. It's an open faced sandwich with heaps of roasted vegetables. The gouda cheese dressing is divine!

For me this taste spectacular as it looks. Coconut-Ginger Lemongrass Chicken Salad. Hubby tried to recreate this at home.

Last friday I was at PS Cafe with friend Belle. I tried the Green Garden Lasagne. These are assorted greens with slivers of mozzarella cheese, bechamel and portobello mushrooms, layered with herb ricota and spinach pasta topped with shaved fennel and almond salad. The serving is quite overwhelming for me but if you have a big appetite, this should be perfect. The picture is a bit dark because we were seated in their interior dining where lighting is toned down.

They have a wide array of sinful-looking desserts displayed in a glass covered cake tray. I don't have pictures because by the time I realized I needed to take a picture, we already started digging in! It's that tempting!

Good food had to go with a drink. I usually prefer hot tea or coffee after dinner. They also have wine, juices and cocktails. I was told that the Paragon branch's menu is a junior version of the entirety of PS Cafe's menu, so it is worth visiting their three other branches around Singapore too!

And next time, I will remember to snap a pic of their slabs of decadent sweets!

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